Jan 08, 2015

Insider Louisville

Representatives from around 30 different arts and cultural organizations gathered in the Mayors’ Gallery in Metro Hall this morning to help launch the 2015 YES! Fest — a “Year of Environment and Sustainability.” Organized by the Arts and Cultural Attractions Council, this year-long event will “connect the arts, culture, science and the environment in innovative ways.”

Mayor Greg Fischer said that in this “post-Ferguson world” it is increasingly important to bring together different people from different parts of town in the same place, adding that “arts have a unique way of doing that.” Over 100 organizations from across Louisville and Southern Indiana will be involved.

Honorary Chairman Gill Holland said this effort is driven by two movements that have been around since the 1800s: 1) the push for public art, making art accessible to everyone, 2) and sustainability, which Holland traced back to the Transcendentalists’ pushback against increasing industrialization.

Holland said we can expect to see art, events and installations pop up in unexpected places, like this fall’s Resurfaced pop-up plaza project. Organizations who rarely, if ever, have an opportunity to work together will collaborate on projects. “Stay tuned for surprises in 2015,” he said.

Louisville Water Company is a key sponsor of the event and is committed to keeping YES! Fest events bottled-water free.

Greater Louisville Inc. founded the ACA council in 1993 and has more than 100 member organizations.

Upcoming events are listed on the website. Expect that calendar to be further fleshed out over time.

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