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May 15 , 2009

By Environmental Design and Construction

A commitment to sustainable practices has helped the Springbrook Prairie Pavilion retail development attract green tenants.

The Springbrook Prairie Pavilion (SPP) development strategy sought to bring unique retail offerings to the market while differentiating the physical and aesthetic quality of the center, earning it a 2009 Excellence in Design Award in the commercial category from ED+C.

The 230,000-square-foot SPP in Naperville, Ill., was developed by Bond Companies and MDC Properties. SPP’s design integrates architectural detail with sustainability features while making the massing of the 27 acres feel comfortable, according to the developer. A central plaza connects the retail buildings while creating traffic-calming measures. It is used for community events, including a farmers market in the spring and a craft show during the summer.

Sustainable Building Strategies

As what is believed will be the first LEED Silver retail center in the metropolitan area, SPP offers sustainable features throughout the project such as white reflective rubber roofing, bike racks, energy-efficient storefronts and preferred parking for fuel-efficient vehicles.

Low-flow plumbing fixtures conserve water, and open-grid permeable pavers feed water into an underground StormTrap system while also reducing the heat-island effect. SPP’s landscaping reflects its commitment to the environment through the use of bioswales and native plants and trees that will not require the use of potable water for irrigation after the first year of development. Both the permeable pavers and energy-conscious landscaping comply with the Best Water Management Practices of DuPage County.

More than 20 percent of the building’s construction materials were manufactured locally, which directly benefits the surrounding economy and minimizes transportation pollution. Recycling has also played a key part in limiting the project’s impact on the ecosystem. Three-quarters of the construction waste generated was recycled, and building materials such as reinforcement steel, aluminum window frames and crushed concrete used for backfill contained more than 20 percent recycled material. In addition, more than half of the wood used for structural framing and flooring was Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Tenant and Community Consideration

SPP’s design shows consideration for the customers and workers who frequent it. Individually ventilated stores prevent cross-contamination of airborne irritants, and high-grade filters installed at all outdoor air intakes trap significant quantities of harmful substances. SPP’s highly efficient HVAC systems utilize R-410A, a refrigerant that contains low levels of ozone-depleting substances and also results in savings on electric costs. Furthermore, sustainable elements — including carbon monoxide monitors and built-in economizers that regulate the outdoor-air intake based on the number of occupants in the space; low-VOC adhesives, sealants, paints and carpets; a green pest-control program, which eliminates and deters pests without using toxic chemicals; and a commitment to increase community awareness of sustainable practices — have aided in SPP’s ability to attract a best-in-category tenant mix.

Importantly, SPP is also a leader in renewable energy. Powering and empowering the center is a multiyear commitment to purchase 10 million kilowatt hours of wind-generated Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which allows the center to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. The RECs apply to 100 percent of the anticipated electricity demand, and they offset more than 13 million pounds of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to planting 5,500 acres of trees or eliminating 15.5 million miles of driving.

SPP’s green qualities have given the center a lower carbon footprint than any other center in the area. While raising awareness in the community was a goal, the heights to which awareness has been raised was an unintended consequence of greening SPP.

Information was submitted by Bond Companies ( Environmental Design + Construction announced the winners of the 2009 Excellence in Design Awards in the June 2009 issue (see page 10). Additional category winners and finalists will be featured in detail in future issues. The application for the 2010 awards will be available autumn 2009 at

Sidebar: Springbrook Prairie Pavilion
Submitted by: Bond Companies, Chicago
Project Completion Date: August 2008
Size: 230,000 square feet
Location: Naperville, Ill.
Cost: $75 Million
New Construction

Certifications: pursuing LEED Silver (or Gold) for Core & Shell; finalist in Greater Chicago Food Depository Development of the Year of 2008.

Congratulations to:

Developers - Bond Companies & MDC Properties
Architect - Stewart-Nosky Architects Ltd.
General Contractor - Weis Builders
LEED Facilitation - Sieben Energy Associates


Flooring: Ginny’s Hallmark flooring: Mannington Commercial Baracoa Enhanced Textured Loop, Mats Inc. Supreme Nop Modular Tiles; Relax the Back flooring: Mannington Commercial Carthage Graphic Loops Pile Broadloom Carpet, Mannington Commercial Ruffian Tufted Loop Modular Tiles; Springbrook Common Area Flooring: Mannington Commercial Bulk Continuous Filament Piece Dyed Textured Cut and Loop Carpet.

Ceiling: Acoustical ceiling panels: Eclipse Pedestals IV Panels with ClimaPlus Performance/Donn Brand Centricitee Suspension System; Acoustical ceiling grid: Donn Brand DX/DXL Suspension System/Eclipse Panels with ClimaPlus Performance.

Wood: ACQ Treated Wood: Chemical Specialties Inc. Preserve and Preserve Plus Treated Wood.

Roofing: Single-Ply White Roof Roofing System: TPO-45 Membrane, TPO Membrane Adhesive (Solvent Based), TPO Membrane Adhesive (Low VOC), ENRGY 3 Insulation Board, UltraFast Pre-Assembled Fasteners, Mechanically Fasted and Fully Adhered Details, TPO Walkpads, TPO Detail Membrane (white), TPO Pipe Boots and TPO Peel & Stick Pipe Boots, TPO Inside and Outside Corners, all from Johns Manville.

HVAC Systems: RTU 2-1, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4; RTU 2-2, 2-3; RTU 5-1, 5-2, 5-3, 5-4; RTU 5-5; RTU 2-4, 2-5, 3-3, 3-4, 4-1, 3-1, 3-2; AHU-1/HP-1;AHU-3, 4, 5, 6, 7/ACCU-3, 4, 5, 6, 7; AHU-2/HP-2; DF-1 to DF-5; all from Lennox Industries Inc.

Insulation: Exterior walls with separate 6-mil vapor barrier: CertainTeed Corporation CertaPro AcoustaTherm Batts (unfaced); Interior sound walls: CertainTeed Corporation CertaPro AcoustaTherm Batts (unfaced); Tower ceilings: CertainTeed Corporation CertaPro Thermal FSK-25 Faced Batts

Paints and Wallcoverings: Interior wall and ceiling paint – ICI Paints Dulux Pro Premium Velvet Matte Flat Latex; Interior wall and trim enamel – Glidden Ultra-Hide Alkyd Semi-Gloss; Interior/exterior steel and aluminum enamel – Devoe High Performance Coatings DEVLEX 4216HP High Performance Waterborne Acrylic Semi-Gloss; Interior wall and trim enamel – Glidden Ultra-Hide Latex Low Sheen Eggshell; Interior wall paint – Glidden Ultra-Hide Latex Flat; Interior/exterior primer and finish – ICI Paints Spraymaster Pro Uni-Grip WB Aquacrylic Dryfall Semi-Gloss

Plumbing Fixtures: Toilet: Gerber Pressure-Assist Ultra Dual-Flush, Church Seats 1955CFR, BrassCraft 1/2 Nom Comp x 3/8 OD Comp with Loose Key, BrassCraft “DL” Series Riser, BrassCraft 1/2 Nom (5/8 OD) Shallow Flange; Mop Service Basin: Mustee (includes molded Durastone basin, service faucet, mop hanger, hose and bracket, and Duraguard wall panels); Urinal: Gerber Low Consumption Washout Wall Hung Urinal, Sloan Optima Systems Battery Powered Flushometer; Sink: Kohler Brookline Countertop Lavatory, Sloan Optima Systems Optima Solis Solar-Powered Faucet; Tempering valves for low-flow control: Powers HydroGuard TP Series e480; Piping covers: Lav Guard 2; Electric water heater: Lochnivar 120 Volt 1500 Watt, Watts Regulator Vacuum Relief Valve, Amtrol Therm-X-Trol Thermal Expansion Absorbers ST-Series (Non-ASME), Hubbard Enterprises HoldRite Suspended Water Heater Platform/Drain Pan; Water cooler: Elkay Specifications Two Station Wall Mount Water Cooler Vandal-Resistant and Barrier-Free Access
Commercial Category: ED+C’s 2009 Excellence in Design Award Finalists

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