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Opening Reception: Friday, April 4th 5 – 9 pm.


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Susanna Crum
Shawna Khalily
Casey Roberts
Rodolfo Salgado Jr.

Often when asked to imagine an artist, one relies on stereotypes of romantic, bohemian personalities who suffer from fits of manic episodes in their studio throughout the night chasing a mythical creative muse. Visions emerge of impulsive personalities in paint-splattered pants aggressively slinging acrylics and oils in the general direction of a canvas. Phrases like haphazard, erratic, disorganized, and scattered often come to mind.


What usually isn’t imagined is the artist who uses very methodical, technically specific, multi-stepped processes to create their personal work. The artists in PRINT & PROCESS – Susanna Crum, Shawna Khalily, Casey Roberts, and Rodolfo Salgado, Jr. – are all equal parts scientists, engineers, and creative problem solvers. To develop their vision into physical form, they must rely on strict rules to follow, or be burned by undesired outcomes. They must all understand mechanical and chemical reactions and how variations in those interactions alter the final product. They have to have blind faith in what they do, using history and memory to guide their rituals, step by step until the final reveal is born. These artists display a level of foresight and professionalism that neutralizes any notion of the classic “Artist Character” often depicted in movies and literature.



PRINT & PROCESS opens with a reception for the artists during the Republic Bank First Friday Trolley Hop on Friday, April 4th 5 – 9 pm. The exhibition continues through May 16th, 2014.

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