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The Horse Of Course New Equine Paintings & Drawings by Jaime Corum

April 22nd - May 20th
Artists’ Reception Friday April 22nd, 6-9pm
Oaks Day 1st Friday Trolley Hop, May 6th, 6-9pm



Horse of Course, is a reply I often make when asked the question, “What are you painting?” As an artist, I get an endless range of visual and emotional inspiration from my equine muse. And, because I ride and work with horses, I feel an empathic connection to their nature and movement very clearly. I can’t really explain why I am so drawn to this creature, both in life and in art, but it is a constant and rewarding pull.


As I paint the horse in some point of action or emotion, the accumulated memories of my time with horses breathe life into my subject. All my sense memories—sight, but also sound, smell and touch—add richness and inspiration to my process. I attempt to bring full attention to the main subject of my work, giving as much realism and presence as I can to the horse while letting the background be minimal. In this body of work especially, my backgrounds are intentionally secondary—a simple color-field, textural brushwork or even pure black openness. Taking the equine subject out of a specific context has always appealed to me because it leaves room for interpretation and gives the subject more symbolic flexibility. Also, I like how the flatness of the negative space allows the horse’s form to appear more dimensional in contrast and “pop off” the canvas.


Above all in these works, I hope to convey both the power and the subtlety of the horse, to show both the ideal and the individual simultaneously. From their incredible athleticism to the self-possession, character, and contained energy of the horse in stillness, I want to share what I see and enjoy in these exquisite creatures with you. - J.C.

Jaime Corum is an equine artist born and raised in Kentucky. She has been involved with horses and art nearly all her life and now they have become a single path. Jaime received her undergraduate education from Bellarmine University (BA) and graduate degree from the University of Kentucky (MFA). She now teaches art part time at Bellarmine University.

Jaime’s equine art is inspired and refined by her own experience with horses, especially her own horse, Chesapeake. In addition, the strong horse culture of Kentucky is an incredible asset and inspiration to her work. Her equine art evolved from doing portraits of friends’ horses to a full time career of commissioned portraits and original compositions in oils and other 2-D media. Her primary areas of equine focus are Thoroughbred racing, Dressage, Eventing and show jumping but she loves to work with horses of all types and disciplines.



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