Exhibition Schedule

In Constant Flux - Recent Work by Adrienne Miller

At The Green Building Gallery
December 9, 2016 - January 13, 2017

First Friday Trolley Hop and Reception:
January 6, 2017 6-9pm


Within the tradition of landscape art, the term picturesque refers to a view where the human presence is apparent. We are often presented with a view or vista for our consideration. When viewing a landscape we are allowed to be objective, but when viewing ourselves, does that perspective change? I am using this thematic history to create works on paper that communicate an exploration of human psyche through a constructed space. In this world, fences and walls demarcate areas in an uncharted psychological territory. Serving as both protection and defense, I consider these barriers as both necessary and self imposed safeguards, ways of compartmentalizing or mental blocks that exist in our own cognitive borderlands.


Open land represents possibilities while the more confined environments allow a way to communicate tension or anxieties that we encounter on a day to day basis - literally at times feeling as though the walls are moving in on us. Here, holes serve as absences where earth displaced or tunneled through references our constant retrieval and archival of memory. Within some prints geometric shapes hover on the white paper. These fragments show the tension and duality that can coexist in the spaces we construct for ourselves. With the newest work, I am beginning to break apart the spaces into tiny details such as potted plants, ladder rungs, or the tilt of a roof line, showing us the aesthetic architecture that makes up our daily life.


In the series, Momentary Mechanisms, the spaces grow tighter and more intimate such as the interior of a home or office. Through changes in perspective and unrealistic coexistence, the work encourages the viewer to address their own environments as well as themselves. We move through our own world truly searching for a way to exist in the present moment without being too far in the future or past. -A.M.


After graduating from Murray State University in 2007 with her BFA in Studio Art, artist Adrienne Miller found her way from Kentucky to Nashville as a summer intern for Hatch Show Print , a world famous, 130+ year old letterpress shop. While still living in Tennessee, MIller spent 5 years working as the Studio Manager and Gallery Coordinator for Vanderbilt University's Department of Art. She has also served an exhibitions assistant for the Northern Illinois University Art Museum, as a preparator for the Speed Museum, as a summer staff intern at Spudnik Press , as the printmaking curator for the 2014 Chicago Printer’s Ball and as a workshop assistant for the 2014 Frogman's Print and Paper Workshop.


Adrienne graduated with her MFA in Printmaking from Northern Illinois University in 2015. She teaches drawing and printmaking classes and is currently a freelance art handler and installer in Louisville, KY. Her studio work has been exhibited across the U.S. and abroad.

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