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Size Mattters

New work by Carlos Gamez de Francisco
December 5th, 2013 January 30th, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, December 5th, 6-9p


Please join us this Friday, December 5th 6-9pm as we welcome Cuban-born, Louisville resident, Carlos Gamez de Francisco, as we celebrate his latest series of paintings, photographs, and sculpture.

What is the aesthetic in art? How do form and content build our aesthetic discourse? There have been several theoretical analyses by Plato, Aristotle, Duchamp, Walter Benjamin, Panofsky and the laws of Gestalt; but still the question of whether the form and content are a whole, or whether one is more important than the other in order to understand the "art" phenomenon.


"Size Matters", discusses formal aesthetics in art and is based on Thomas McEvilley's essay "On the Manner of Addressing Clouds". According to McEvilley, there is content in the scale of an artwork. Therefore, I proposed to play with the sizes and recreate the duality of content and form with this exhibition. The question is: What is art but permanent dualities? Is the size a formal element? Or is it content? Or maybe both? This is why I propose: "Size Matters".

--Carlos Gamez de Francisco


For more information and images by Carlos Gamez de Francisco, please click on the image to be directed to this artist's website.

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